Plant based Ingredients


Hemp oil properties : Cleansing, moisturizing, acne relief, rash relief 

Caster oil properties : Cleansing,  detoxing,  moisturizing 


Apricot oil properties : moisturizing, tighten skin

Michigan Honey and Bees wax properties: Antioxidant for ageles skin, acne relief and moisturizing. Because this is a locally harvested honey it's anti-inflammation properties work wonders for local purchasers.

Grapeseed oil properties :  acne relief,  skin tightening, moisturizing 


Avacado oil properties : fading scars, anti-inflammation, brighten skin


Jojoba oil properties : moisturizing, promotes hair growth 

Vitamin E properties : moisturizing,  skin rejuvenation 


Coconut oil properties : moisturizing,  soothes skin irritation, cleanser 


Olive oil properties : moisturizing, anti-inflammation 


Palm oil properties : Cleansing,  moisturizing 

Tea tree oil properties : Cleansing,  acne  relief, detoxing,  skin toner


Rose hip oil properties: scar relief, tighten skin


Safflower oil:  acne relief,  moisturizing 

Essential oils property: variety of oils involving skin tightening , scar treatment and acne relief

 Applecider Vinegar: Detoxing properties, anti-fungial, skin tightening and anti-inflammatory 


Butters and Creams

Lavender seed properties : Moisturizing,  Aromatherapy

Shea butter properties :moisturizing, rash relief


Coco butter: moisturizing


Soy wax : moisturizing,  hair styling


Mango butter properties : antioxidant, moisturizing,  Detangles hair


Oat protein : moisturizing,  relief of skin irritation 


Turmeric properties : acne relief, detox,anti-inflammation, brighten skin


Green tea leaves: anti-inflammation,  tighten skin




Clays and Powders

 Bentonite clay properties : detox, clear pores


Rose Kaolin clay properties : absorbs oils, detox, cleans pores


Activated Charcoal properties : detox, relief skin irritation, razor burn relief, absorbs oils

Moroccan powder: Detoxing capabilities , Shrinks pores and brightens skin